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About Us

About Us

There is no harm in knowing what we are consuming as a food product be it milk or any other, is coming from. We all have the authority to know the source of our food providers. Reason behind our company's presence on this business portal is not just to find more clients but spreading knowledge about our well-keeping of cows and buffaloes, which are a source of receiving healthy milk.

Cows and buffaloes are not singularly milk providers but their important service to society has more to it as cow dung and urine is valuable for making compost, bio gas fuel and cleaning products. Across the nation, we, HN Dairy Farm, are performing the role of cattle well-keepers and nurturers. These roles, are played under the disguise of wholesaler and trader.

A Source of Healthy Cattle

There is nothing better than having a healthy living and we, are working as a medium to provide this gift to each and every individual by serving medically fit and high milk producing Jersey Cows, Murrah Buffaloes, Rathi Cows, etc.  In this long business journey, we have developed strong business relationships with reputed dairy farmers. To such farmers, we provide our quality-marked cattle that is free from all kinds of harmful ailments.

Huge Experience in Cattle Field

Working in this field since 1965, HN Dairy Farm hold massive experience of more than 45 years which automatically makes it a company on which one can trust easily. Apart from our huge domain experience, there are various other factors which gives us an edge over the others:

  • We have a group of hardworking and extremely talented team members who execute all the activities in an efficient manner.
  • We have a proper farm which is covering a wide land area where all our cattle stay in a healthy environment.
  • We believe that if we give respect, we get respect that's why every single individual associated with us is treated respectfully.

Maintain Complete Hygiene

For providing a healthy environment to Rathi Cows, Jersey Cows, Murrah Buffaloes and other cattle, we have developed a well spread farm. To protect the livestock from diseases, we maintain complete hygiene in the farm by regularly cleaning it. Further, all the facilities for bathing, grazing, sleeping, etc. are available in our farm keeping in mind the comfort of the cattle.

"We are dealing in bulk order quantity."
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How are We Doing Best Care of Cattle?

  • We care for our farm animals and this is revealed in the strictness, which we maintain to ensure clean drinking water and healthy food is given to cattle.
  • Resting space of cattle is covered with shed and all the necessary things like clean water tank and fodder is placed.
  • To keep farm animals at the best of their health, we plan their diet with the assistance of renowned veterinary experts.

Our Goal: Nurturing Happy & Healthy Cattle

Each and every person working in our farm has a motherly feeling towards these loving animals, who help us live better and healthier by giving their pure and rich in nutrition milk. The goal of our Karnal based farm is to raise happy and healthy cattle that stands tall on expectations of valued clients.

We provide a clean, loving and comfortable environment to all farm animals. Also, on diet intake of cattle, we pay special attention. We consult with famous animal nutritionists regarding dietary intake of each and every cattle. This works great for raising healthy cattle far away from the possibility of having any disease. To graze on, we provide an open green grass to HF Bull, HF Cows, Jersey Cows, Murrah Buffaloes and other farm animals, which help them to lead a happy and stress free life.
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